Meet Keona Samik

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A sought after Permanent Makeup Up artist located in Las Vegas, NV.  She was trained in Beverly Hills, CA at the beginning of her career and has gone on to be under the mentorship of many highly respected big names in the permanent makeup industry worldwide.  This gave her countless opportunities to assist with training alongside her mentors that have catapulted Keona to be very versatile in her craft.  She is highly trained in both manual and machine techniques allowing her to customize the desired result for each unique individual. 



Keona grew up along the beaches of Southern California.  Art , reading and playing the violin was what you will catch her doing instead of being a beach bum.  Her obsession of eyebrows came from her mother since she was 8 years old. Mom did not have much eyebrows of her own so she lived vicariously through her's and her younger brother's.  Mom would trim and shape both her and her brother's brows beautifully every two weeks with a straight edge barber's razor.  There have been many of times that Keona can smell the fish on Mom's hands, get a little nick because it was really hard to stay still or Mom have taken a bit too much from her son's brows that he went to school with dainty, pretty feminine brows.  Mom's obsession was always the topic while perusing fashion magazines, movies , family gatherings, etc .... because eyebrows are just everywhere to be notice and speak upon.     


About 15 years ago at her doctor's office, Keona saw the most beautifully done tattoo eyebrows.  She inquired about the artist that created these "feathered hairstrokes"  because it looked so natural and realistic and she wanted to learned this art.  By the time she was ready to dedicate to the training, the artist had moved away and retired.  And then microblading and Keona crossed paths many years later.  Again, only wanting to learn from the best, she prepared herself to travel to Russia.  During this preparation, she stumbled on an academy in Beverly Hills.  It was the only certified training in the United States at that time.  Keona was the first to bring Microblading to Las Vegas, NV  and sometimes after, was courted by Teryn Darling of Girlz Ink to be their one and only premier Microblading artist.  Receiving accolades from her peers, mentors and students have never changed Keona; she remains humble and grateful for all the blessings. She continues to be in direct contact with all her clients and feels blessed to be who everyone relies on in Las Vegas from near and far if they want their brows done right or corrected.  Currently, you will find Keona at her own studio doing what she loves most .... creating beautiful brows and building lasting bonds with all her clients that have become her friends.  She is now selectively doing intimate one on one training.  Keona's ability to share her knowledge with those who are just as passionate about their craft is what fuels her to unselfishly give everything she knows for that person's success.  "When the universe blessed me with more than I need, I consciously have the moral obligations to give back.  Teaching is a privileged.  It is earned and should not be given or taken lightly" ~Keona